Everest 2010 - Newsletter 32 (May 24 2010)(2010-05-24 10:35:41)
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Shadow of Everest

Apologies for the late posting of this Newsletter but due to technical difficulties we were unable to get it onto the website on Saturday, 22nd May, when 12 members, 17 Sherpas and four guides of the Himex team summited Mount Everest. The first members of the Himex crew to reach the top of the world were Jing Wang, Nima Sona and our guide Hiro, who got there at 6.05am.

“Dave McKinley and Nuru Gylzen stayed at the South Col to operate the radios and make sure to be in contact with everyone,” Russell told me when he rang me on Saturday morning.

The team started at 11pm on 21st May in very good and calm weather conditions. “The wind was about 10-15km/h and it was about minus 15 degrees Celsius on the summit, so not too cold,” Russell explained.

Due to strong winds on the previous day, there were not that many climbers on the slopes that morning and the Himex team had a good and clear run to the top.

“Many of the other teams had given up their summit attempts as they hit very strong winds between Camps 2 and 3 on Thursday. Russell’s advice to our team was to hunker down for a few hours and wait it out. He was 100% right,” Adrian reported from Camp 4 on Friday.

It was also Phurba Tashi’s 17th summit of Mount Everest.

The following people reached the summit of Mount Everest with Himex on 22nd May:

Andre Courtois 07.43
Joseph Drnek 07.56
Helmut Laaf 06.29
Jens Nielsen 06.45
Stina Pedersen 07.56
Gabriel Viti 07.29
Fang Chen 07.58
Honghan Li 07.25
Zhonglin Lu 06.10
Jian Wang 07.43
Jing Wang 06.05
Shi Wang 07.29

Adrian Ballinger 07.56
Mark Woodward 07.29
Hiroyuki Kuraoka 06.05
John Davidson 07.56

Phurba Tashi 07.43
Lakpa Nuru 07.43
Nima Tezing 07.56
Nigma Chhiri 06.29
Pasang Kami 06.45
Lhakpa Nuru 07.56
Son Dorjee 07.29
Rita Dorji 07.58
Ang Chhiring 07.25
Tshering Tashi 07.25
Pemba Nuru 06.10
Loppsang Temba 07.43
Pasang Ngimaq 07.43
Nima Sona 06.05
Tashi Tshering 06.05
Tashi Chhiring 07.29
Dorgi Sonam 07.29

While the Sherpas, guides and clients were slogging their way to the top of the world, Russell and Monica were glued to the radio, communicating with the team higher up on the mountain.

“It was a good night, however, I am never really relaxed when my team goes to the summit, and I only calm down when I know that everyone is back at the South Col,” Russell concluded.

Most of the Himex members, guides and Sherpas are now back down at base camp and I am sure there will be a good party in the ‘White Pod’ tonight. I am hoping to speak to Russell later to give you a further update on how everyone is doing.
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