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Shadow of Everest

Apologies for the late posting of this Newsletter but due to technical difficulties we were unable to get it onto the website on Saturday, 22nd May, when 12 members, 17 Sherpas and four guides of the Himex team summited Mount Everest. The first members of the Himex crew to reach the top of the world were Jing Wang, Nima Sona and our guide Hiro, who got there at 6.05am.

“Dave McKinley and Nuru Gylzen stayed at the South Col to operate the radios and make sure to be in contact with everyone,” Russell told me when he rang m......

世博会旗帜首登世界屋脊        王石“零垃圾”登顶珠峰南坡



5月22日  地点:珠峰顶峰  记录人:王石




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Presummit Meetings

Himex crew on their push for the summit Sorry for the late update on where the members of the Himex team are, but bad communication and the fact that I am back in Kathmandu has made updating this site a bit more difficult than anticipated.

As you will probably know, on 17th and 18th May, a massive summit push was underway with dozens (or maybe even hundreds) of people reaching the top of Mount Everest. For Russell’s team, the time had not come during that period as the weather window......
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One of the highest First Aid courses in the world With most other teams reporting about the summit pushes that are currently happening despite the short weather window, the alleged race between two women trying to become the first Finnish female to reach the top of Mount Everest and the high winds, I will spare you any more details about the weather forecasts and the waiting game that is currently being played by all expeditions.

That does not mean that the Himex team is not doing what many of the other teams are doing – namely twiddling their thumbs impatiently. However, our doctor......

5月20日  地点:C3营地  记录人:王石





珠峰零公里日志二十七(2010-05-17 16:08:07)

5月17日  地点:南坡大本营  记录人:王石





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Phurba and Lopsang

Leaving the Land of the Sherpas The Himex expedition is now well into its fifth week in the Khumbu region, which is the home of the Sherpas, the mountain people who look after us so well in the Himalaya. The Sherpas are actually an ethnic group that arrived in the eastern parts of Nepal from Tibet around 250 years ago. They used to live off the trade with Tibet, however, when China occupied Tibet in 1950, the borders were closed and trade between the two countries was reduced to zero.

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